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At Crosspointe Recovery, we take very seriously the treatment of substance use disorders because we understand how overwhelming and hopeless it can feel for our clients and their families. We are structured to treat our clients using an approach which addresses the underlying causes of the disease in order to rid the user of a self-destructive and debilitating lifestyle.

We know that substance abuse ruins people’s lives, families, and loved ones due to the insidious nature of this disease. At Crosspointe Recovery, we educate clients that willpower alone will not bring about abstinence from substances. We provide the necessary resources for our clients to achieve abstinence via medication management, individual and group counseling, mental health therapy, 12-step involvement, and engagement in recreational and self-care activities.

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Drug & Alcohol

Crosspointe Recovery offers a safe & comfortable drug & alcohol detoxification process to all clients who enter our facility.



The residential inpatient program at Crosspointe Recovery is the core of our program. Explore our unique therapies & how we can help you recover for good.



Crosspointe Recovery works with a number of outpatient programs, both local and national to ensure continued care & lasting recovery.


Therapies &

Crosspointe Recovery offers a variety of evidence-based, traditional, modern and holistic therapies that work to help overcome addiction once and for all.

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Crosspointe Recovery works with most major insurance carriers who provider out-of-network benefits to help cover the cost of treatment at our facility. To find out if we work with your insurance, click the button below to begin the process.

What to Expect at Our
Los Angeles Drug Rehab

If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, whether it is heroin, prescription medication, cocaine, or methamphetamine, Crosspointe Recovery offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program in Los Angeles that will put you on a path to long-term recovery. There are a myriad of reasons that may contribute to a person’s substance abuse issues, and a treatment program that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues will be the most effective way to launch long-term recovery.

We utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach to assist clients in changing their negative thoughts and maladaptive behaviors. Once the detoxification process is complete, clients will participate in individual and group substance abuse counseling sessions. Clients will identify triggers for their substance abuse, and they will learn how to avoid or cope with triggers in a healthy way to maintain abstinence from substances. Clients will also explore the underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction. Clients will learn positive coping mechanisms, and a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed for each client.

Upon admission to treatment, several assessments will be completed to best determine the appropriate level of care for the client, detox or residential treatment. The LA treatment team will gather valuable information such as type of drug being abused, amount being used, duration of use, and family history of substance abuse and mental health issues. This information will be incorporated in to the individualized Los Angeles drug treatment plan for the client.

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Clients will be given opportunities to involve their family members in their treatment. Clients can benefit from the support of family and friends, and sessions can be conducted either in person or via conference call.

Crosspointe Recovery has experienced medical personnel on staff to assess and treat withdrawal symptoms with prescribed medication, and client’s vital signs will be monitored frequently during the detox level of care.

We use a variety of interventions and treatments to help those who are in need of getting out of the cycle of addiction. From first-time clients to those who have attempted treatment in various programs, Crosspointe Recovery offers a non-judgmental, safe, and compassionate environment for individuals to embark on a journey of recovery.

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