07-15-2024 Update: We are currently accepting new patients

Top-Rated Private Residential Rehab & Outpatient Treatment Center. We Treat Addiction & Co-occurring Disorders In Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles Area, California

Crosspointe Recovery is one of the top-rated drug & alcohol detoxification and residential rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles, California. Crosspointe Recovery is a fully accredited and licensed facility that offers medically supervised detox and rehab programs. Our dual diagnosis program provides a multi-faceted family approach that simultaneously treats addiction and mental health for a full recovery.

Why Choose Crosspointe Recovery in Los Angeles, CA?

  • Intimate, 6-bed house creates opportunities for patients and staff to build strong and supportive relationships that will help you complete detox and residential treatment. Each patient is provided with their own private or semi-private room.
  • We accept most major insurance companies. If you have private or corporate insurance coverage, your treatment at Crosspointe Recovery is most likely covered!
  • Intensive, individualized programs seven days per week provide healing and support for long-term success in recovery.
  • Licensed by California Department of Healthcare Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission
  • Family-owned and operated. Crosspointe Recovery builds a caring family environment.
  • We treat substance use disorders through a combination of medication and therapy.

Ready To Take Action Against Drugs & Alcohol Addiction?

We have simplified the intake process at our co ed detox and residential treatment facility in Sherman Oaks. We are 24/7 same day admission detox & rehab in Los Angeles area. Start your treatment as soon as the same day!  Call 24/7 at  (888) 615-7589. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. If you are looking to embark on a journey of recovery to overcome your issues with substance abuse, Crosspointe Recovery is here to assist you with your needs. We can do this together!

If you need FREE help please contact the National Helpline.