Almost everyone is already aware that therapy is a vital component of rehabilitation, but not everyone knows about how it’s implemented throughout treatment. Let’s take a closer look at what drug addiction therapy looks like and the different approaches that are part of this process.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, probably the type of therapy that you are most familiar with, is always going to be a very important part of drug addiction treatment. This is, after all, the setting in which the necessary introspection will take place. Treating addiction is complicated, and it will require the patient to take a close look at their own patterns of behavior and what got them there. There are many different types of individual therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. The success of a patient’s recovery process will, in part, depend on finding the right therapeutic approach for them and guiding them through this self-exploratory journey. Drug addiction therapy will provide the general treatment with the cornerstone for the patient’s long term recovery.

Family Therapy

Of course, the individual approach is not the only way to address drug addiction. In fact, it’s very important for the patient to also receive help from people outside of the treatment bubble who might have a better understanding of what the person is like and what they’ve gone through. This is when family therapy comes in, a process by which those close to the patient are involved in their drug addiction therapy. Not only can this help the treating professionals gain deeper insight into the patient’s lived experiences, but it can also help the patient develop a stronger support system for life after rehabilitation. At the end of the day, rehab exists in a bubble, which is why the progress made during this time has to take the outside world into account as well. The involvement of family can help with just that.

Holistic Therapy

Of course, not everything has to be in a purely medical setting. Sure, individual and family drug addiction therapy is pivotal in the success of a person’s rehabilitation. However, holistic therapies can provide the patient with environments where the focus isn’t on their recovery but rather on their wellness. This is where our treatment implements yoga, breathwork, and art therapy. These allow the patient to explore their own relationship with recovery, giving them the chance to engage with more unconventional treatment methods with less pressure. As a result, they get a break from the more traditional components of the treatment while still making progress in their emotional recovery.

Drug Addiction Therapy

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