Are you researching different options for residential inpatient treatment in Los Angeles, yet all of the available options look like places you’d prefer not to go to? Does it seem like none of the residential inpatient facilities have the kinds of luxuries and amenities you would prefer? The road to recovery is difficult. You don’t want to make it more so by going to a facility that’s lacking. It’s your life, your health, and your recovery. This is why so many want a luxury residential treatment center; the kind of place that people can grow and develop in. That’s exactly what you’ll find here at Crosspointe Recovery. 

A Truly Luxurious Residential Inpatient Treatment in Los Angeles 

If you’ve seen the pictures on our site or our social media feeds, we don’t have to tell you how beautiful our residence is. That said, we didn’t design this luxurious facility simply to be luxurious; we did so because that makes it all the more conducive to recovery. Beyond simply being aesthetically beautiful, we’ve carefully crafted a serene and calm environment. Our residence is an “oasis” in Sherman Oaks, yes, but it can also be an “oasis” from the rest of your life. If you’re struggling with addiction and substance abuse, you almost never have a moment’s peace or even a second of serenity. Here, you can find both, as you continue the recovery process in a safe environment. 

A Safe Environment in More Ways than One 

Our environment is safe, yes, from crime, substance abuse, and more. However, during this time, we’ve made certain that it’s safe from COVID-19, too. Every single new client goes through COVID-19 testing. Common areas and surfaces are cleaned constantly and consistently. Additionally, all clients have their temperatures as well as their symptoms monitored at least thrice daily. All of this is to keep everyone here at Crosspointe Recovery safe, yes, but also to aid in your recovery. You can’t fully commit to and focus on your recovery if you’re worried about the virus or getting sick. We see it as one more way to make that much safer an environment for our patients. 

More than Beautiful: Effective 

Yes, our facilities are gorgeous to look at here at Crosspointe Recovery. That said, this is not a vacation, nor is it a resort. People come here to detoxify, to grow, to educate themselves, to develop, and to build a foundation for what will ultimately be a healthy, happy, and sober life. Everything that you’ll find here, from the gorgeous grounds, to the exercise facilities, to even the food, is focused around that one point: helping you to lead the life that you want. 

Outpatient and Beyond 

We’re quite proud of the residential treatment we offer as well as the environment here. That said, it’s not going to be the best fit for everyone. That’s why we also offer outpatient programs, too. There are many routes to lasting recovery. We can work with you to find your best path. For more: (888) 615-7589 or send us an email.

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