People may have a hard time deciding what to pack when going to rehab. Sometimes they end up taking everything they own. Other clients entering rehab have nothing but the clothes on their back. If they are able to pack for rehab, they can be under the influence and bring a variety of clothes inappropriate for the location they are going.

What’s Enough for Rehab?

Before admitting, the rehab facility should be able to provide you a list of what to bring. When packing for rehab, you should understand that there might be limited space for your things, as many residential facilities have shared rooms. Generally, one large suitcase and a toiletry bag will suffice.

What Should Stay In Your Closet?

Revealing, low cut tops, short skirts, shorts, or t-shirts with derogatory messages, alcohol and drug promotion logos will most likely not be allowed and frowned upon. Excessive make-up, jewelry, valuables, perfumes for women should also stay at home. Expensive watches, jewelry, or product should stay at home for men.

You should bring items as if you were planning to go “glamping” and don’t want to carry too many things.

What about electronic devices? Check beforehand whether laptop, iPad, and cellphone use is permitted before going. You will most likely be able to use your phone at some point, but usually not during the initial stages. This rule is in effect because many clients in the past have misused their devices. Be sure to bring a charger with you when you are able to use it, because you will need it.

What Should You Bring to Rehab?

Must haves: Your insurance card, ID, medications, small amount of cash ($50) and credit cards, and any legal info (if applicable).

Nice to have: Your favorite book, something to write with, a few photos, a few tokens, and other personal mementos are always acceptable. When you stay the required time in treatment, you will most likely be leaving with a few more items than you came with, so don’t over-pack.

Don’t forget: A bathing suit (if there are water outings or a pool), sunglasses, basic toiletries, house shoes (flip flops or slipper type), exercise shoes for walking, light hiking, and the gym, and going out shoes for meetings and events.

If You Don’t Have Anything

Often the treatment center will have some clothing and toiletries that have been left by other clients, or donated to the center.  If they don’t have appropriate items for you, they will provide shopping days for you to purchase or find something to make your stay more comfortable. Let them know if you don’t have the things you need and what you might need before admitting.

If you have any questions about what to bring to rehab, don’t hesitate to contact the Crosspointe Recovery team.

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