Are you searching for a detox and rehab facility in Southern California that provides real results? When you look at rehabs in Los Angeles online, does it seem like they make a bunch of promises they can’t back up? At times, it can feel like there are as many rehabs in Southern California as there are actors. Here at Crosspointe, we do everything we can to set ourselves apart from the rest. One such way is through our therapeutic treatments. For one, we do what works. Secondly, we handpick the best, most experienced therapists. That way, our clients can get the kind of therapy to empower them to live their lives how they want. 

CBT Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy might be the most commonly-known therapy. There’s a reason for that: it works. For many of the people who come to our facility, they might have negative, automatic thoughts, ones they aren’t even aware of. These thought patterns can be irrational, even destructive. CBT therapy at Crosspointe has helped so many of our clients to recognize what those patterns and behaviors are, and then, to challenge them and ultimately, to overcome them. 

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

So many of the people who come to Crosspointe may want to change their lives but be unsure how to do it. One of the great strengths of DBT therapy is that it helps to improve the patient’s motivation to change. How does it do that? Through enhancing the patient’s capabilities. The four modules of DBT, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation can help clients to better structure their environment and then to generalize new, healthier, more positive behaviors. 

Therapy Beyond the Patient 

The struggles of addiction never stay just with the addict. So often, they involve the family as well. Family therapy at Crosspointe helps the patient as well as their loved ones to build healthier communication skills, better set and understand enabling as well as boundaries, and then to resolve their underlying issues. While all of our treatments can greatly help the patient once they’ve transitioned out of Crosspointe, this can be especially helpful. At Crosspointe, we take great pride in our upscale, luxurious facilities. So, family therapy is also a viable option even if your family is nowhere near Southern California, as we can do it remotely. 

Rehabs in Los Angeles to Help You Succeed 

The above are just some of the therapies that we offer here. In the space of one blog, we really didn’t have room to even briefly touch on the benefits of yoga therapy, art therapy, and more. The truth is that some of these therapies may be more right for you (or your loved one) than others. Once you come here, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation so as to figure out the best way to move forward in your recovery. If you would like to hear more information about how all of this can work for you, or even just to talk to someone, you can call us any time at (888) 615-7589.

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