Healing from addiction requires continuing care. When you choose a local rehab center, opt for a facility that offers compassionate treatment. Here at Crosspointe, we don’t just offer high-quality treatment but we also provide aftercare programs to further assist you in your road to recovery. 

Local Rehab Center of Crosspointe for Intensive Therapy 

Our goal here is to help you achieve lasting sobriety. We want you to stay sober for the rest of your life and never have to go back to your old life dealing with addiction. The program we offer includes helping you develop skills that you need to help you stay sober. Keep in mind that staying sober is more than just willpower. You need some form of skills that can help you fight against the temptation that will lure you back to your old, addicted life. 

Tailored Treatment 

We offer different addiction treatment therapies in our local rehab center. Each treatment is tailored to our client’s needs. Regardless of the addiction you’re facing, our staff here at Crosspointe will create a plan that will work for you. As you stay at Crosspointe, you’ll gain the support that you need for your recovery. You’ll attend counseling that’s vital for your sobriety. 

Is Addiction a Disease? 

In a way, it’s a disease. That’s why you need proper treatment. However, you need a long-term treatment that involves lifetime management. Addiction affects all people, regardless of background, gender, and age. If you don’t treat it, it can lead to unsafe behaviors. You’ll also face financial problems. Your relationship with your partner, family, and friends will be significantly affected. If you don’t act now, you’ll end up losing all of your loved ones. You can start today by starting a detox program. When you choose our local rehab center, you’ll undergo an evaluation. This is necessary so our staff will know the type of treatment program you need. We’ll also learn about your overall physical health. Keep in mind that your overall health can greatly affect the success of your treatment program. Once the evaluation phase is done, you’ll start your detox program. It can last for a few days or weeks. There’s no definite length of detox. It all depends on how your body copes with it. 

Why Detox is Necessary for a Rehab Program? 

It’s always the first step when it comes to treating your addiction. The reason for this is that this method eliminates the remnants of substance abuse from your body. We don’t recommend doing a detox at home because you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be severe. Yes, there are complications associated with detox. That’s why you will be monitored 24/7 while you stay at our local rehab facility. After detox, you’ll undergo a more intensive approach depending on the kind of addiction you have. As mentioned, there’s no definite time when you’ll finish your treatment program. It all depends on how your body reacts to it. 

Choose Long-Term Recovery 

Here at Crosspointe, our local rehab center’s main goal is to provide our clients long-term recovery. That is, we want them to stay sober for the rest of their lives. If you wish to start your recovery, please call our center at (888) 615-7589

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