Have you been searching online for a “detox clinic near me” even though you’re worried about the spread of COVID-19? Do you know that you or someone you love need to go to detox and a residential treatment facility yet you don’t want to do so during the pandemic? That’s perfectly understandable. At Crosspointe Recovery, we’re committed to helping our clients to lead healthy and sober lives. We take the “healthy” part very seriously, which is just one of the many reasons that we have instituted stringent COVID-19 protocols throughout our facility. 

Our Safety Protocols Begin Before Anyone Steps Foot on Our Property 

To keep our clients and staff as safe as possible, we begin our safety procedures very early. For example, even before a new client arrives, they undergo a rigorous health evaluation over the phone. This certainly covers important factors such as whether they’re coughing or not, and so forth. Moreover, we make sure to check the updated CDC guidelines and others often. All of our staff members receive extensive training about the virus, so that Crosspointe is clean and safe for all. 

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Safety at Crosspointe 

The moment you arrive, you’ll go through COVID-19 testing as well as temperature monitoring. Should the client’s temperature be a bit higher than we would like, they’ll go into isolation. Crosspointe Recovery is, for all intents and purposes, like a big, nice, home. So, to keep it that way during the pandemic, we make sure that there is constant surface cleaning and sanitization of common areas. You’ll note that we used the word “constant.” We did not use “frequent,” nor did we use “occasional” or even “quite often.” No, we said “constant,” because that’s the only appropriate word for how much cleaning we do. To that end, we check every client’s temperature three times a day, too. 

Why Treatment Still Matters Now 

It’s understandable that someone, struggling with addiction right now, would think something like: “Well, I should probably get help. But, since there’s a pandemic going on, maybe I should put it off for now.” The opposite is true: this is the right time to get help. Addiction is, unfortunately, not something that goes away on its own. In fact, in too many cases, this time has been even harder on those struggling with addiction, as the isolation of the pandemic has taken a real mental and emotional toll on so many. 

A “Detox Clinic Near Me” That’s Always Near 

Whether it’s during a pandemic or any other period of time, we do everything in our power to provide a safe, secure, supportive, and welcoming environment. The above cover just some of our safety protocols. Putting off getting help doesn’t make it any easier, whether it’s for yourself or someone that you love. Even during this time, you can take the first step towards the life that you want to lead. To take it here at Crosspointe, or just to talk to someone, you can reach us at (888) 615-7589. 

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