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For many years, addiction was a topic typically avoided in everyday conversation, often considered taboo due to the life-altering effects associated with the disease’s onset. Today, with the many advances that have been made in the recovery and mental health fields, we can now discuss addiction more openly, with less risk of judgment. As a society, we are continuing to grow in our understanding of addiction: that it is not a lifestyle chosen by those who are living with it; that, instead, it is a treatable disease; and that treatment is more accessible now than ever before. We all think that we never could be the one to slip into substance use disorder. But addiction can catch up with anyone at any time. Addiction is never part of someone’s plan. No one ever seriously wishes to become an addict. But addiction can and does happen, and once you develop a disorder, it can be hard to get rid of. “IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME”. How many of us have been affected by the struggles of addiction, mental health issues, and substance use disorders? Perhaps we have family members, friends, or colleagues dealing with alcohol or drug abuse, or perhaps we struggle with substance abuse ourselves. It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable to talk about these challenges, seek help, and pursue change.



Published: March 22, 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

​​​​Addiction to meth is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Sadly, it is also one of the most serious, as it is well-known for physically and psychologically destroying those who use it. Meth or Methamphetamines belongs to a class of drugs known as stimulants. A stimulant can negatively impact the performance of the central nervous system (brain), respiratory system (breathing), and cardiovascular system (heart). It can come in pills,

Returning To Work After Rehab: What To Expect

Returning To Work After Drug & Alcohol Rehab: What To Expect?

Published: February 23, 2023

Updated: November 14, 2023

Returning to work after drug and alcohol rehab can be a challenging experience, but it can also provide individuals with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and stability. However, managing triggers and stress, maintaining sobriety while on the job, and finding a job that is fulfilling and supportive of recovery goals can be difficult. It’s important to have a support system in place, including a sponsor, therapist, or support group, to



Published: February 02, 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

Over 85% of adults in the United States say they’ve drunk alcohol at some point. Drinking profoundly alters an individual’s mood, behavior, and neuropsychological functioning. For many people, alcohol consumption means relaxation. However, the effect of alcohol can trigger anxiety & increase stress.  To understand precisely how alcohol impacts your life, you should learn a little about it. Alcohol affects brain function, but you may wonder exactly how it works. For example, some people

10 Activities For Seniors To Help Beat Boredom

10 Activities For Seniors To Maintain Mental Health

Published: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

Elderly people respond to mental health issues differently than younger people. They are prone to developing more psychological disorders and can cope less effectively with triggering factors of mental impairments. It’s certainly common for elderly adults to develop a routine that eventually dulls their spirit and negatively impacts their physical and mental health. But there’s good news: there are tons of stimulating activities to help improve quality of life. There’s

Types Of Therapy

Psychotherapy: Types Of Therapy

Published: January 07, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

If you’re thinking of trying therapy, you might’ve already noticed the surprising amount of types available. Though some approaches work best for specific conditions, others can help with a range of issues. Most therapies in wide use have been well-tested and deemed effective. The critical aspect is that the patient works collaboratively with the therapist and can identify improvement and positive change over time. What Is Therapy? Therapy is a

Magnesium and Calcium in drug abuse and addiction

Importance Of Calcium & Magnesium In Addiction Recovery

Published: December 20, 2022

Updated: December 20, 2022

In patients who consume excessive amounts of alcohol, various disturbances are observed, i.e., electrolyte, acid-base, protein-caloric malnutrition, and vitamin deficiency. Chronic alcohol abuse patients are malnourished not only because of a diet low in nutrients but also because alcohol impairs the absorption of essential nutrients and elements. In addition, ethanol metabolic pathways produce toxic metabolites (acetaldehyde and free radicals) that lead to cell damage as a result of oxidative stress.