Finally, you decided to take control of your life and submit yourself to Sherman Oaks residential recovery centerIt’s logical to have a lot of things in your head right now as you’re about to enter the door to your recovery. One of the things you have in your mind right now is what to bring to the rehab. 

Sherman Oaks Residential Recovery Center 

You may think that bringing a lot of items to the center can help shorten your stay. But it’s the opposite. The fewer items you bring, the better it is for your recovery. However, you need to include the basic items, like toothbrushes, shampoo, soap toiletries, etc. You must bring enough of them that can last for 30 days. 

What Clothes to Pack? 

You don’t need to bring your evening suit or dress. What you need to pack are your daily essentials, like shower shoes, socks, pajamas, robe, shirts, blouses, and shoes. Remember that you’re going to the center to recover from your addiction. Hence, you need to dress as comfortably as possible. 

To further assist you in your recovery, you are required to exercise. Hence, you should bring your shorts, leggings, sneakers, swimwear, hiking or walking shoes. 

Expect to engage in outdoor activities. Thus, make sure to bring sunscreen protection. You don’t need to bring clothes that will last for 30 days. There are laundry facilities in the center so you can wash your clothes. Hence, you can bring several tops and bottoms enough for 7 days. Remember that there are storage constraints in the center. Thus, make sure that you must stick to the minimum. 

What Medication to Bring? 

The recovery center will store your meds and administer them. Thus, make sure to take your medicines that are not opened yet. They must be labeled properly and with the instructions of your prescribing physician. 

What Items are Prohibited in the Center? 

You can’t bring any alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs. It’s also not allowed to bring revealing clothing. Avoid bringing your pocket knives and other weapons. Don’t bring your food, snacks, and drinks. They’re all provided by the recovery center. 

Before you stay in the center, make sure that your loved ones know where you’re going. Arrange for your mail to be held at the post office and ask your loved ones to pick it up for you while you’re staying in the center for treatment. 

Since you can’t bring your pets to the center, make sure that you have someone to take care of them in your absence. Ask a brick, like a friend if he/she could check on your house/apartment while you’re away. Pretty sure, many of your loved ones would help you in this journey and they’re willing to check on it while you’re away. 

Focus on Your Recovery 

Deciding to stay in a recovery center is the biggest step in your life for your road to recovery. Focus on it. If you need further assistance on what to bring to Sherman Oaks residential recovery center, please call us at (888) 615-7589. 

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