Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab

Addicted to alcohol or drugs and need addiction treatment? Whether you want to admit it or not, addiction puts your whole being, meaning body, mind, and spirit in a fragile state. You decided to seek the help of the Crosspoionte Recovery treatment program. The question is,

“Do I get rehab help as an outpatient or as on an inpatient basis.” 

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab care have their pros and cons and you must weight each program and decide which program is more beneficial to you, your schedule, and your life in general. Deciding to get rehab help is a huge decision that will impact your life in positive ways.

One such rehab program is called Crosspointe Recovery located in Sherman Oaks, California. Crosspointe rehab programs are one of the best and unique programs offering detox and inpatient or outpatient treatment for addiction.

Our program is unique due to offering modern therapies, holistic therapies, combined with traditional treatment for addiction treatment. This rehab facility’s primary goal is to help you eliminate substance abuse for good and help get you onto a healthy road to wellness for the rest of your life.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Substance abuse affects every facet of your life. Alcohol and drug addiction cost money so addiction affects you financially. Addiction wears down your body, mind, and spirit. To overcome the addiction you must be highly committed to giving up your addiction, and we know that this is not easy for anyone.

Support in a Moments Notice

To overcome the addiction you need true and strong support from family, friends, and your rehab team. Inpatient therapy is better because you are not thrown into bad situations again and again. As an inpatient, you get 24/7 support on-site, in a safe and comfortable setting.

Eliminating the Stressors

We prefer to have you stay with us until you are well enough to leave. There are many stresses in the world for an addict, and we believe in removing as many of these stresses as possible while you are an inpatient. Living in rehab provides you with an element of safety and certainly peace of mind.

As an outpatient, we cannot give you the same close support 24/7. Going through rehab as an outpatient makes life harder. You may be thrown into bad situations with old temptations and may not be strong enough to avoid these situations. Detox is more difficult as an outpatient due to harsh temporary symptoms.

We are not saying that you will relapse back into addiction, but life is more difficult when you are not living in safe and secure surroundings. As an inpatient old habits can be easier to break and you will need a lot of support.

Discover Underlying Problems Leading to Substance Abuse

As an inpatient, it is easier for the team and you to discover the underlying problems that drove you to substance abuse.
All of our staff are skillfully trained to handle all phases of your detox and live with you being seconds away.

You get constant encouragement to participate in many of our activities and groups in a warm, cozy, and secure environment. Everyone of the staff is trained in detox, unlike friends and family in your life outside the rehab facility.

Detox is not just ridding you of dangerous drugs and alcohol. Detox involves counseling and therapies that work to change your thinking, giving you the support you need to resist temptations that may take you back to substance abuse. Medical help is seconds away. You are not as vulnerable living in a rehab facility. It is easier to handle your craving for drugs while living in rehab.

Success Rate is Higher for Inpatient Rehab

Living in rehab gives you a better chance of success from detox and less risk for a relapse. Everyone who is a victim of addiction experiences withdrawal at some point? Everyone experiences withdrawal symptoms differently.

Going through Detox means that the risk is high for seizures and delirium tremors. In rehab, you have someone with you at all times. Outpatient does not always mean someone will be with you to skillfully get you through the difficult phases of detox.

Living in a rehab environment is like living in a bubble. No one or nothing is going to stress or harm you. Bills are not going to interrupt you, family and friends who rub you the wrong way are gone, past situations, gone, no work stress, and as much as you love those children they are gone until you get healthy. Living in rehab is your protection from outside stress.

Underlying Medical Conditions Complicate Detox

You have been diagnosed with depression, bipolar, or anxiety. You will experience more severe symptoms of these underlying illnesses when going through detox. Staff needs to be close by to recognize and treat the secondary and underlying diagnosis at the same time you go through detox.

You learn how to manage the symptoms of addiction. The longer you agree to stay as an inpatient to learn coping skills, learn how to take responsibility, become socially acceptable, and live substance-free the higher your success rate.

Your Call to Action

We cannot help you unless you contact us and have the devotion, motivation, eagerness, and deep desire to rid your body of these toxins. We are awaiting your call for help at 888-417-0162. Access our website for more in-depth information. Stop by for a visit and tour. Let us show you around our center and then you decide which program fits your needs, inpatient or outpatient rehab.

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