Sherman Oaks residential recovery center is here to help you recover from your addiction. But unlike other rehab centers in Los Angeles, our main goal is your long-term recovery. You may have a lot of questions about receiving treatment from our recovery center. If you’re working, you may want to know the consequences of getting treated here. Will your employer fire you after knowing you’ve or been receiving treatment at Crosspointe Recovery? 

Your Job & Sherman Oaks Residential Recovery Center

If you have an addiction, be it drugs or alcohol, you need to be treated. The good thing is that you’re legally protected when you attend a treatment center. In other words, it won’t cost you your job. A business with more than 50 employees is covered under the FMLA. It’s the Family Medical Leave Act that lets employees take up to 12 weeks of leave for any reason. And it includes addiction treatment as a reason. Since it’s a health condition, you’re protected. Thus, you should not worry about losing your job when you choose to receive addiction treatment. However, the FMLA will only protect you if you work at your current place for at least 12 months. Even if it’s a seasonal job, as long as you work there for 12 months, you’re protected. If you can’t seek protection through this Act, then the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will. This is another way for you to get protection from being fired for receiving treatment. With ADA, employers can’t fire or refuse to hire people based on their disabilities. Now, you may wonder if addiction is a disability. Yes, it is because it impairs your body to function well. However, your drug or alcohol use may not be protected under this act. But your employer won’t fire you for attending treatment. Fortunately, more and more companies now offer programs that provide free counseling and assessments. 

Telling Your Employer

Your employer may connect you to a treatment facility where you can get treated. If you’re not sure how you’re protected, you may contact your human resources about it. Remember though that you’re likely to get fired from your current job if you don’t seek help for your addiction, be it alcohol or drug. Alcohol abuse, for instance, can make you unpredictable. With your addiction problem, you’re likely to commit mistakes. It also causes you to be late for work all the time. And because your addiction impairs your body to function well, it affects your ability to perform your duty. For that reason, many employers now support their employees if they choose to receive treatment for their addiction problem. They encourage it. Receiving treatment must be your priority. If you don’t seek treatment now, it’ll be too late for you to recover. 

Seek Treatment Today

Seek treatment now and you’ll thrive in your career. Think about your family first and/or future. Call our Sherman Oaks residential recovery center to know more about the treatment options we offer. Please dial 1-888-615-7589.

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