Have you begun looking for a Los Angeles residential recovery center, but everything you find doesn’t feel very “residential?” Does each option for where you could go for detox and residential treatment look less appealing than the last? We know that when it comes to recovery facilities in the Southern California area, you have no shortage of options. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that Crosspointe Recovery is the kind of place where someone can truly recover. 

A Safe Refuge in Southern California 

Nestled in Sherman Oaks, Crosspointe Recovery is, in many ways, a world unto itself. When you’re here, you won’t have the same concerns you did before you entered. Here, you can get away from your old patterns and behaviors. Detox is typically the first step. There, we’ll make sure that all of those toxins are eliminated from your body in a safe and comfortable environment. From there, you could enter our residential treatment where you can develop the kinds of life skills that will serve you well for long after you leave Crosspointe. 

los angeles residential recovery center

Therapies to Meet Your Needs

Every person is different, as are their struggles and addictions. So, their treatments for those struggles and addictions should be different as well. Here at Crosspointe, we offer many different kinds of therapies so as to meet the needs of all of our clients. From family therapy to art therapy, yoga to breathwork, and much more, we’re able to tailor our treatment to our clients. There’s no “one size fits all’ here or anything of the sort. We treat every client like they’re the unique, one of a kind person they are. 

What Makes Our Los Angeles Residential Recovery Center Unique 

In a word, luxury. That’s a word that sometimes gets overused in recovery centers. If you’ve done research on recovery centers, then you’ve probably come across many establishments that referred to themselves as “luxurious” when they were actually anything but. That’s not the case here at Crosspointe. We take luxury seriously, offering our clients a truly upscale and top-notch experience. You can see just from our pictures how important comfort and hospitality are to us. We strongly believe that, to have the best recovery possible, you have to be in the best facility possible. That’s what we’ve designed Crosspointe to be. 

Our Doors Are Always Open  

There is no part of the recovery process that is truly “easy” or “simple.” Most likely, there will be some parts that are easier for you than they are for others, but on the whole, the journey of recovery will be one of the most difficult challenges of a person’s life. The best time to start that journey, however, is right now. It’s normal to feel, at times, when you’re struggling with addiction, that it’s hopeless, or that there’s nothing you can do. However, that is not true. There is always a way. To take the first steps or even just to get more information, call (888) 615-7589.

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