Relapse is one of the most challenging things that our patients in our alcohol rehabilitation center face. That’s because alcohol relapse is a repeating cycle. 


It’s like having chronic pain that lives with you constantly. You try to change your behavior but you still end up using it again. 


You may say to yourself that you’re done with your addiction. Then, a few weeks after, you’re drinking again. 


Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Offers Mental and Emotional Help 

When you quit alcohol, you have only addressed one level of your addiction and that’s the physical part. If you don’t work on your mental or emotional aspect, you won’t adjust what you think, feel, and believe. 


It means that you may say that you have stopped drinking alcohol but only physically. You have not addressed the underlying issue. 


When you drink again, you feel defeated. You may think that you’re a failure and you don’t have adequate willpower to achieve long-term sobriety. 


But you shall never blame your willpower alone. Instead, you should look into the mental aspect of your life. 


You might have started drinking because you thought that it would help you cope with whatever frustration or feeling you had. And it’s one reason you need to address that part. 


Addiction isn’t a physical problem. 

alcohol rehabilitation center

In some cases, detoxing your body from alcohol may be enough. However, if you drink again, it’s a sign that you have emotional issues that you need to address first. 


That’s why when you go to our recovery center, our specialists will assess you first. In that way, they can determine the underlying issue of your alcohol problem. 


Once that issue has been identified, our specialists will recommend treatment specifically for your situation. It may not be the same as the treatment that our other patients are getting. 


Apart from detox, you will also get assistance to help you deal with your emotional issues that cause pain, which forces you to drink again. 


This type of treatment is called a dual diagnosis. It’s a solution that won’t only address the physical part of the alcohol abuse but also the mental issue behind your addiction. 


It can be that you’re depressed, anxious, or feel hopeless. But that feeling can be alleviated with the help of our specialists here at Crosspointe Recovery. 


Do You Need Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Counseling? 

alcohol rehabilitation center

It depends on what our specialists identified during the assessment. Typically, outpatient is advised for patients with mild alcohol addiction. 


For outpatient treatment, you don’t have to stay in our facility. You can return home after treatment. 


But don’t worry, your treatment will still address the underlying cause of your alcohol abuse. 


If your cause is more intense, then inpatient treatment is necessary. It means that you have to stay in our center for some time. 


This approach is necessary to help you build the road to recovery. 


Call our alcohol rehabilitation center today to know what options are available to you. Please dial (888) 615-7589.

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