Partnerships, where both members of the couple use drugs or suffer from alcohol addiction, are very common all over the world. Although relationships can be seriously damaged by substance abuse. It is vital to address such issues and find a way to sobriety for both partners. Co-ed drug and alcohol rehab facilities can help you in this. Co-ed rehabs offer co-ed treatment, which means that both men and women attend treatment at the same location. Co ed rehab for couples may be a good option where you and your partner can see and support each other through addiction treatment. This option is great for couples who have a strong relationship and are equally committed to recovery. Find out your options and how your relationship may be a powerful tool in your journey to long-term recovery.

Drug Rehab Centers for Couples Near Me

Can Couples Go to a Rehab Center Together?

Some co-ed treatment centers, like Crosspointe recovery in Los Angeles, California,  allow those to attend treatment for substance abuse together. Seeking treatment together at a rehab for couples can be beneficial for several reasons. Providing that both partners want to start the rehabilitation process, a couples rehab center can help break the cycle of addiction and fortify the relationship by helping the couple uncover the issues that led to addiction in the first place.

Couples who are struggling with addiction often experience difficulties with decision making, expressing feelings, finances, parenting, and setting boundaries. Couples’ addiction treatment may provide the counseling, education, and skills to help partners achieve improved ways of handling these difficulties.

Even if just one person in the relationship has an addiction, the other partner can benefit from couples’ drug rehab by learning to manage specific triggers and helping their partner stay sober.3 Research has shown that couples who enter treatment together consistently report greater reductions in substance use than patients who receive individual therapy.

Whether one or both partners require addiction treatment, couples rehab can provide the tools needed to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers for Couples in Los Angeles, California

In a co-ed treatment program where couples can attend together, motivation is reinforced through the couple’s continual reaffirmation of commitment to one another. Couples that attend inpatient rehab together, may have the opportunity to attend treatments and therapy sessions together. This may provide the motivation and support that each people in the relationship needs to recover from substance abuse.

At Crosspointe Recovery, our team of professionals will work with you to provide treatment and care that works best for you and your partner’s needs. We offer addiction treatment for couples that focused on and support the individual as well as the couple. Contact us for more information on various treatment options. We will be glad to discuss treatment options that meet your and your partner’s unique needs. If you need FREE help please contact the National Helpline.

When Attending Couples Addiction Recovery Isn’t Helpful?

To reinforce the power of the relationship in helping both partners to get and stay clean, couples can attend or otherwise participate in treatment together in a variety of ways, depending on the couple’s dynamic and the individuals’ needs. There are situations in which it may not be a good idea for a couple to attend rehab together. Co ed rehab may be a good option for couples who have a strong relationship and are equally committed to recovery. Couples’ addiction recovery Isn’t a good idea if:

  • One partner has special treatment needs that require a special facility
  • A diagnosis of personality disorder has been made
  • There is ongoing domestic abuse
  • Only one partner is interested in rehab
  • Partners are not equally committed
  • Partners are not planning to continue the relationship after rehab

In certain cases, each individual may have issues that need to be dealt with independently – issues that may not be managed as effectively if the couple is living in the same facility

Inpatient/Outpatient rehab

Does Insurance Cover Couples Rehab?

Insurance often covers at least some, if not all of the cost of treatment. If your insurance does not cover the full amount, some facilities offer payment plans or sliding scales that consider factors such as your income and other financial obligations.  Crosspointe Recovery works with most major insurance carriers who provide out-of-network benefits to help cover the cost of treatment at our facility. To find out if we work with your insurance, click the button below to begin the process. Drug Rehab for Couples Near Me

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