Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to death if it’s not treated properly. For that reason, if you or someone you know have been abusing drugs and alcohol, then it’s time to help yourself or your loved one. Talk to our specialists at Conquer Recovery Center


Do You Need Cure or Treatment at Conquer Recovery Center

Addiction is a chronic disease. It’s like diabetes, asthma, or heart disease. It means that there’s no cure for it. 


The only thing you can do about your addiction is to treat it to make it more manageable. And this is our goal here at Conquer Recovery. 


We will help you conquer your addiction so you can finally free yourself from the dangers of addiction. 


As you undergo treatment at Conquer Recovery Center, you will not just take treatment medicines but you will also have several sessions of behavior therapy. 


Behavior therapy is necessary to make sure that you will live a sober life for many years to come. But the therapy you will undergo will depend on your situation. 


Every therapy we offer here is tailored to our patients’ needs.


Should You Stay in Our Facility? 

Conquer Recovery Center

When people think of a recovery center, they think of being admitted to the facility and stay there for a few days or months. 


But it’s not always the case. As mentioned, your therapy will depend on your needs. 


If your addiction is mild, you may only need outpatient rehab. It’s a form of therapy that doesn’t require you to stay in a facility. 


You can live at your home as you recover. You can also keep up with your job. 


However, outpatient rehab is only recommended if you were not forced to undergo rehab. If you submit yourself voluntarily to go to rehab, then outpatient therapy may be suggested. 


In most cases, however, inpatient rehab is the most appropriate. 


Here, you will live in our facility. It’s typically the answer if you have severe addiction issues with drugs or alcohol. And if you have other mental health conditions, then inpatient rehab is necessary. 


Our inpatient rehab offers 24-hour support. The patients who stay with us undergo different stages of treatment. But all of them must start with detox before they can go one step closer to their goals. 


You don’t have to stay in our facility for a week or two. However, the duration of your stay will depend on your progress. 


No matter how long you stay in our rehab, you must always think about your future. 


It’s not how long you stay but how long until you are free from the dangers of addiction. 


The goal of our treatment facility is to assist you in ridding your addiction so you can finally regain control of your life. 


Addiction can be life-threatening. If you don’t act now, your addiction will affect every aspect of your life until you are left with nothing to hold on to. 


Start regaining your life now but staying in our Conquer Recovery Center. For further inquiries about our treatment programs, please call us at (323) 766-6698. 

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