substance abuse disorder

What is Substance Abuse Disorder?

Substance use disorder negatively affects millions of Americans. Alcoholism or drug addiction might sound more familiar to you than substance use disorder, which is a broad term for the abuse
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heroin addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment for Heroin in Los Angeles

The United States is currently suffering from an opioid overdose epidemic. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found from data in 2018 that almost 130 Americans die every day from
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art therapy and addiction

Art Therapy and Addiction

Recovery from addiction requires more than freeing the body from drugs or alcohol one time. Sobriety requires more than just detoxification because addiction is a pervasive condition that requires long-term
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do i have a drug problem

Do I Have A Drug Problem?

How do you know if you have a drug problem? It’s not always obvious, especially if you socialize with others who regularly use drugs and alcohol. After all, we live
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How To Support An Addicted Loved One

When you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction, you have to remember that the journey they are on is theirs. You can’t force them to walk away
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Why You Should Travel To California For Addiction Treatment

Sometimes addiction treatment at home isn’t enough. There are too many triggers there for you. You can’t get away from the toxic people in your life. What do you do
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