When you look at residential recovery center in Los Angeles facilities, does it feel like none of them can fit into your life? Are you intrigued about going to residential treatment, but don’t want to have to uproot everything to do so? We absolutely understand that. Here at Crosspointe, we work hard to make our facility the kind of place that makes people from all walks of life feel welcome and supported. 

Recover and Work 

For many, what keeps them from going to a residential treatment center is that they can’t get away from work. Yes, they want to overcome their addictions and lead the lives they want, but they can’t stop making money in order for that to happen. That’s why we’ve built a kind of office and study here at Crosspointe. At certain times of the day, clients will be able to work from here. So, you can receive treatment, be in recovery, and also put your time in, too. This opens up residential treatment to people who may not have been able to receive it otherwise. 

residential recovery center in los angeles

A Family-Oriented Residential Recovery Center in Los Angeles 

We believe in having a family-oriented vibe at Crosspointe. That comes from our owner and program director on down. For example, our owner’s mom is the cook. In fact, one of the first things people tend to notice is that all of the clients call the owner’s mother “Mom.” Everyone is involved in helping each other out here, all hands-on. That family-oriented vibe extends to the staff, too. We hire only the best at Crosspointe but, in addition to that, we look for people who are genuinely warm and friendly, too. That can make all the difference. 

Real Facilities for Real People 

While we’re quite proud of our Crosspointe Recovery facility, we know that, in many ways, it’s not so much “a facility” as it is “a nice home.” Specifically, it’s a nice home that’s more or less on the luxury side. Inside, we made an effort to provide our clients with the kinds of amenities that they really want. For example, we have a large, spacious theater room. While our treatments are always the focus, we also believe that being in a luxurious place, somewhere you’d genuinely want to be, can help with recovery as well. 

The Initial Step 

All of the above having been said, it can still be so challenging to reach out to somewhere to go for detox and therapy. It might feel like everything in your body as well as your life, when you’re struggling with addiction, is trying to keep you from making that leap. When we say that “our doors are always open,” it’s not an exaggeration. Our doors really are always open. There’s always someone here that’s ready and willing to talk to you. We’re more than glad to provide more information, just talk things out, or, if you’re ready, to help you prepare for arrival. For more: (888) 615-7589.

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