How To Support An Addicted Loved One

When you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction, you have to remember that the journey they are on is theirs. You can’t force them to walk away from the drugs and alcohol. The only things you can do is provide positive support and comfort and hope they make the right choices. If you try to force them to stop, they will only return to it later. The decision must be theirs and theirs alone. You are only a bystander who can encourage them from the sidelines.

Offer Encouragement

Offer encouragement to them every chance you get. Tell them how proud you are of their progress and let them know you are always there if they need someone to talk to. Remind them of good memories and let them know that there are good times waiting for them in the future. Allow them an opportunity to explore their newfound sobriety and share the experience with them.

Strengthen Their Support System

As part of their support system, you can be either a positive or a negative influence. Make sure that you try to stay as positive as possible even when the journey becomes difficult. A strong support system is part of the foundation a good treatment program is based on. When you are dealing with addiction, you need to be able to provide positive support that your loved one can count on when the going starts to get rough.

Be A Good Listener

There are times when a person dealing with addiction needs someone to talk to. Be a good listener. You will learn a lot about how they feel if you encourage them to talk to you. Sometimes they can sort things out on their own if they just have someone who will sit and listen to them. You don’t have to offer advice or say you know how they feel. All you have to do is listen and let them shed their burdens for a few minutes.

Stick to the Addiction Treatment Plan

When your loved one leaves the rehabilitation center, they will bring with them an addiction treatment plan. The treatment plan was developed on the individual needs of your loved one. In most cases, it will include a diet/nutritional plan, counseling sessions, possible medications, and a variety of activities that the person can perform in an attempt to bring themselves back to where they were before the drugs and alcohol started to take over their lives. If you plan on being there for your loved one during their recovery journey, you will have to be just as committed to their addiction treatment plan as they are.

Don’t Give in to Pressure

During difficult times, your loved one may consider using again. Don’t give in to the pressure if they ask you for money or a ride. Talk to them. Listen to what they have to say but stay committed to their recovery. Although you may not be able to prevent every relapse, you may be able to keep them from slipping back into the dark places they were that led them down that path. Take a few extra minutes every day to let them know that you care and that you love them. A few kind words may be all they need to hear to bring them back from the edge and back to center on their road to recovery.

An addiction treatment plan will only work if the person is fully committed to their own recovery. You can’t carry them along. Each step they take must be their own and in their own time. Find ways to provide them with the support they need and encourage them to try new things. It’s up to you to help them break the mold of the past and form a new future. While they are responsible for all of the work, as part of their support system, you play an integral role as part of the solid foundation they must build on.

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Why You Should Travel To California For Addiction Treatment

Sometimes addiction treatment at home isn’t enough. There are too many triggers there for you. You can’t get away from the toxic people in your life. What do you do when you want to kick your addiction? You might have to go out and seek treatment. You don’t have to go out of the country to do it. One of the top places to go to in California. Why would you want to go there? Here are five reasons that California will be welcome for your addiction treatment.

The Weather

Do you like warm weather? California is the state for you. It’s always so pleasant and warm down there. You could just go outside and enjoy the day. Believe it or not, warm weather is actually good for your health. Warm air allows you to be in a more relaxed and happier mood. Cold weather is bad for addiction treatment and warm weather is good. Get out there and enjoy the warm weather and fresh air.

Fresh Start

Everybody wants a chance to start over. A new location may give you the chance to do that without any problems. Traveling, in general, will be the ticket to pull this off. But why California at all? Why not someplace like New York or Canada? The location is not really the end goal of your addiction treatment. Your goal is to get away from your triggers as far as you can. The further away you are, the better your chances of getting clean. You need to try to focus on getting better. You have to put yourself as the top priority. Afterward, you could get a new job and build from the ground up again.

High chances of Recovery

Entering into treatment is the easy part. The real challenge is seeing it through to the end. There are several reasons that people fall off. Recovery is too hard. You ran out of money to get help. Life gets in the way. The problem is that most of the time that rehab is voluntary. You have to want to break your addiction on your own. Going out to California can eliminate the temptation of leaving your addiction treatment program and relapsing. Traveling for addiction treatment can have a few negatives, such as not having your family be involved with therapy, but when it comes down to it, it is all about the treatment you need. It all comes down to not having that temptation there all the time, staring you down. Plus, California can offer more options for special cases. Not every case is the same. You might need something stronger out there in California. You can even find free programs out there.

So Much to Do

When you travel to a new place, you will always find something new to do. California always has something exciting and new to go on. You could go down to the beach and soak up the warm weather mentioned above. You could go swimming in the water. California is a good place to try new sports. Go and explore whatever city you end up in. Learn new skills in California. Get out there and meet new people. Housely offers up another advantage of going for your addiction treatment in California: diversity. They say, “With several big cities, and a history that includes people from many ethnic groups, California is a melting pot in its own right.” Do not be afraid to dive into the culture around you. Learning something new can do wonders in your life. You could build new relationships that can aid in your recovery. You will be so busy that you will not have time to focus on your addiction.

Your Triggers aren’t There

You have a greater chance of addiction treatment when you have only you to focus on. Warner Park Recovery says, “Getting out of a familiar locale and elements allows treatment to work faster.” The last thing you need is to fall about into your old habits in your hometown. When you are trapped in the same environment day after day, you will get distracted from your recovery. Family can be helpful on your kicking your addiction but that can also drag you down. It’s worse when they are the ones who are your trigger. Your drug and drinking buddies are there too. Even old stressors are there too. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get away from your triggers when you are in the middle of recovery. Coming out to California can be a great help to you and your addiction treatment.

How to Quit Using Opioids

America is in the middle of an opioids crisis. What started out as a good way to cure the pain turned into a nasty nightmare. Families are being destroyed. Lives were being ruined. People are even dying because of addiction. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can still get help. Addiction treatment is easier to find than you think. But is the process just as easy? How can you be so sure that you won’t fall back into your habits? There is some good news. You can break your addiction with these tips.

Seek Help

The first step to addiction treatment is to go seek help. You can’t rely on other people to do it for you. You have to be the one to speak up and get help. There is plenty of places to look for help. One place to turn to is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA. The hotline is available 24/7. They speak both English and Spanish as well. Do not hesitate to give them a call. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is not to feel shame in getting help. Society has always looked down upon drug addicts. They are always portrayed as the scum of the earth. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is no shame in getting help with your opioids addiction. You might find that you are not alone. Your friends and family will be there to help you kick your habits. But this can only happen if you speak up.

Set Goals for Yourself

Everyone needs motivation to complete a goal. This is drilled into us at an early age. Kids do chores around the house for praise, money, or treats. Adults do work to get money or a raise. Addiction treatment is no different. Aside from getting healthy again and turning your life around, why do you want to get clean? What is at stake if you don’t? Sit down with someone you trust and look at what you want. The HelpGuide suggests that you should, “set a limit on how much you will use.” What they are saying is that you have a better chance of kicking opioids if you do it little by little. Cold turkey sounds good in theory but it does not always work for everyone. Your best bet is to set up goals on usage and why you should get treatment.

Keep Records of Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress when you try to make changes is actually more helpful than you think. If it can work for losing weight, then it can work with addiction treatment. Your notes will be key. Write down why you started taking opioids in the first place. Keep track of how much you use. Keep track of how many days you have been clean. Writing down your triggers for drug use can also be a big help. You can look back on what causes you to turn to opioids and tackle it head-on. VeryWellHealth also talks about keeping a pain journal with your addiction. Why would you need to do that? VeryWellHealth suggests, “To help your physician determine the best route for cutting out opioids, consider keeping a pain journal and track everything related to your painkillers, including dosage, frequency of use, and positive and negative effects. Keeping notes will save your life.

Clear Out Your House

In order for addiction treatment to be effective, you need to clean out all the drugs in your house. Limiting access to your drug of choice will do wonders for your recovery. If that is not going to be easy for you to do alone, call up your friends to help purge your house of all opioids. This will cut down on the surrounding temptation. You can’t feed your addiction if you do not have the drugs in your house. But what about going outside? Call up a friend that you trust to help steer you away from the drugs. They can help you stay on track when you go out.

Find Something Else to Do

Speaking of temptation, you will need to try to keep your mind off of your addiction. You are going to need something to distract you. As suggested above, cleaning your house can be a great help to you. It doesn’t have to be limited there either. Go and out talk to the family and friends that you trust. Pay them a visit. If you are alone, that is fine too. Pick up a new hobby or two. Learn some new skills. Exercise not only can help you lose weight but it can help keep your mind off your cravings. You might find that you now have a healthy alternative to using opioids.


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